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Strange Things

from by diss1

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[Mayan apocalypse is a cute misdirection
pop culture trinkets what the public ingest
the hand is quicker than the eye on the ball
we're all tricked into backing bulletproof vested interests
we got body bags, land grabs, smears and innuendos
a nation divided against itself can't stand
and profit is a margin not a seer, we're still here
as strange things happen in the land]

hello my name is tom this is a first name basis
a lot of shit's went down since we dropped "Toleracist"
when worth's still determined by social status
it's not your behaviour, more like who's the month's flavour
and you'll find cops lock down rights with tight screws
commentariat uncaring with shoe-size IQs
these are not haikus [nope] i switched it up a level
it ain't personal, supremacy's the fucking devil
covert martial law, police shoot first
they're painting radicalism like it's a dirty word
Tom Paine'd jump off his bridge at the strife
if they didn't already have him locked down for life
like it's Abu Ghraib, Strangeways, Guantánamo Bay
ask the wrong questions, you could go the same way
darkening the future like the end of a long day
there's strange things happening in the land like the song say

fuck an austerity measure, even surviving is terror
heads would do better if they endeavoured to struggle together
those in authority killing, missiles on top of the buildings
if you lift a finger in objection, effects'll be chilling
offer your soul up for rental, toeing the line is essential
you can have a party when you dance with a gun to your temple
heavily detrimental, the culture is high-strung
the economy called, said we're all gonna die young
those who amass capital scramble like rabid animals
then tell the underclasses to keep their demands practical
savages banking on a collective insanity gambit
some get malnutrition, others eat up all the cake and have it
fence-sitters say tightening belts is all that's left to be done
all your heroes offer is a fear of whatever's to come
nostalgia is a weapon like the spectre of yesterday's might
don't look to power for help, look at the mess they made, right?


from Sympathetic Detonations, released October 15, 2014
prod. dissonance




diss1 Glasgow, UK

diss1, aka tom dissonance, uh... makes beats and does the rapping thing. part of the group 30KB.

get at me: tom.dissonance AT

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