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"Where do they get most pissed? "Between the ears," Leary replied."
~ in "Our Band Could Be Your Life"


yeah, you know the name:
Tom Ko-fuckin-walski. plenty of shit's changed
plenty of shit's faulty, plenty of shit's strange
plenty look at you salty if you wanna rearrange it
pacifiers' desire to not rock the craft hides the high tides
pretty soon we're all gonna capsize
no more zoning out with drugs or entertainment
i'm here to flash reality back like cats' eyes
cuz oppressors never sleep like Manhattan or rust
and they'll tear down palaces just to profit off the dust
it's time to pick a side, no room for spectators
or they'll bulldoze all you love and come back for the rest later
society's Titanic, they rearrange deckchairs
these apathetic poses look increasingly threadbare
unplug your arse of fingers, this just got intense
[avoid rectal splinters, stop sitting on the fence]

disinformation rules the nation
when we're told be grateful for the situation
you don't know what you got till it's taken away
so hands out yr pockets, it's the state of play

it takes stamina resisting the stripping of your character
by each and every underhanded challenger
no gods, no managers; we constantly strive for higher calibre
with roots in a strong Foundation like the Damaja
eviction notice on the squats, make way for Tesco
true heads know it's bullshit from the get-go,
cuz cornered animals are only gonna get lairier:
unintended consequences in the bagging area.
and what do we want for the community?
street party puppet shows, bunting, fake unity?
Olympic village idiots and "all-in-this-together, man"?
it don't take a weatherman to tell you how the feathers dance
'scuse me operator? i'm calling shenanigans
champagne for the overlords, real pain for the famalams
i'm-all-right-Jacks like "no place for your anger, man"
but sticking-up nails get knocked: show me your hammer stance

now austerity nostalgia's the staple diet
"keep calm, carry on" the new "be young and be quiet"
clean-up volunteers target symptoms, of course,
but ignore all the forces supporting the causes
and call for enforcement of all kinds of tortures
"bring back hanging", "fetch the water cannon"
the CS, the taser, "send our brave boys in"
Polly put the kettle on, lace the brew with poison
defenders of the masquerade mobilise, sad to see
the way we live now can't stand a challenge, see
if anyone resists they'll just smear it as "anarchy"
and feed it to the media with one eye on the balance sheet
but violence isn't broken glass or swinging on the Cenotaph,
it's mass denial of chances for all but a special class
and the thought that some lives are worth less than profit ops.
don't be surprised when heads break shit till they knock it off.


from Sympathetic Detonations, released October 15, 2014
prod. dissonance




diss1 Glasgow, UK

diss1, aka tom dissonance, uh... makes beats and does the rapping thing. part of the group 30KB.

get at me: tom.dissonance AT

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