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the incarnate innovator, incinerate the insincere
incredible injections directly into your inner ear
interpolate and interlace incisions so intensive
stay independent of the insufficiently inventive
intervening with interrogations that are intense
intone incandescent like magnesium incense
interact with intellects and inscribe harder
incorporate insights to incite intifada
in and out of every kind of insane intrepidness
international connects, native intelligence
remain indelible at insurmountable rates
in a bid to increase my insulation from these ingrates
interrogate insecurities when i interview
having them inquisitive like asking what's got into you?
inhaling intoxicants might develop your infamy
but incompetent rhymes'll just add insult to injury
like Indiana visits i'll get rappers in a state
intercept their inheritance like they died intestate
in a flash i'll reveal a rhyme style so ingenious
it infects yr bloodstream like cravings intravenous
smack a beat hard enough to inflict concussion
my intention is to spark an insurrection
integrity intact, i'll inspire discussion
and integrate percussion from the Indian that's Russian
insisting on interest for every investor
alias Incandenza, i'm an Infinite Jester


from Sympathetic Detonations, released October 15, 2014
prod. Wolfie Vincent




diss1 Glasgow, UK

diss1, aka tom dissonance, uh... makes beats and does the rapping thing. part of the group 30KB.

get at me: tom.dissonance AT

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