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Dissonance Corporate Anthem

from by diss1

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freelance rhyme writer - commission me
still sending DIY dispatches from the ruins of the industry
don't call me unsigned cuz a deal means diddly shit
a dying business model don't make you legit
so my label shifts future classics on bits of plastic
hit up end-of-year lists, still fucking brassic
but not waiting round doing what i'm supposed to
might as well believe the government or Deepak Chopra
hit the north like The Fall or a boxer bringing fists to the jaw
cryptically pure, causing mystery sores
off the wall like i'm pissed to the core
north-west rap troubadours, the ones writing history for sure
i'm the self-dramatist with a knapsack of party tricks
cower from infernos sparked by the arsonist
excuse me, i'm just a bitter little global villager
just trying to build a Molotov outta this piss and vinegar

grew up on 5-borough fantasies and alienated peer group
mixed it with misfits, developed a weird troupe
now up in this building i'm cooking delicate flavours
into elegant playlists, distressing my neighbours
and i stay focussed like i scored a rubbish bin of Ritalin
love my worst enemy, could never be sick of him
get my five a day plus supplementary vitamins
and paraphrase all my favourite underground magicians
while daft pricks need to stick to writing slashfic
it's tragic, real rap heads yam 'em like a crabstick
think they're the Dark Knight but stammer like Arkwright
it's slapstick, they never seen a novel this graphic
my fam hot whether or not somebody's taping us
remember all lowercase when you write the alias
shout to heathens, don't stop non-believin'
cuz it's still a cold world, and i'm freezing

scab-pickers' union representative
westheads check for it, best percentages
pestilential shit, no parenthesis
hijack a sonic weapon just for emphasis
ink-by-the-barrel buyer, name up on the flier
with a shit list longer than We Didn't Start the Fire
rare talent like my city with a clear sky
drop a hot 16 on any track that's nearby
and keep going till i run out of breath and pass out
with a new twist like getting stoned in a glass house
colonel of rhyme like the guy with a miniature tie
causing a ruckus like i'm pissed up on rye
and a cynic don't like it so he'll whinge and cry
but i couldn't give a toss like i'm missing a die
i quibble with hypocrites, diss what's ridiculous
spit shit meticulous, it's mr dissonance


from Sympathetic Detonations, released October 15, 2014
prod. Wolfie Vincent




diss1 Glasgow, UK

diss1, aka tom dissonance, uh... makes beats and does the rapping thing. part of the group 30KB.

get at me: tom.dissonance AT

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