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Birds of Prey feat. 30KB

from by diss1

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[diss1] we'll construct a great empire the sun never sets on
where flags are available to cover what we get wrong
don't ask me to live through this [submersion]
fighting words become fluid
and we're the ones that have to dive through it
arcades for grown-ups, forty years development
rain fire globally: remote-control regiment
death toll irrelevant now we don't see it
defend our "beautiful mind[s]" from unforgettable secrets
troubled by conscience, till we silenced those voices
[remember when drones were only aesthetic choices?]
no-hopers for your average floating voters
crash-course society: no brakes, like Toyotas
this beat's on repeat as i draft my thesis
pledge allegiance to pick who gets blown to pieces
poetic injustice perpetrated by Reapers
they'll select who's best and blow the rest to Jesus

[Dan Dastardly] defenders of earth join a militant search
and pump profits from under a country's dirt for its worth
genocide borders attacked with aerial bombardment
sound of mercy cries eclipsed by orders of a sergeant
a Tuareg rebellion: autonomy/commodity
feudalism broken through the notion of weak monarchy
demarchy solution solve a situation properly
fight a losing battle when you're fighting for democracy
shocking information undercover like government ops
revolution out front for a propaganda watch
West Bank to western banks, myriad currency
inflate until insurgents get the picture. ready? UAV.
resonating anguish, enemy capitulation
contrived on colonies of British Malayans

[Jake Pains] no finish, we slayin' till we slain
or until creating mechanisms that can make weapons
to divide or hide the spiritless grace of living today
it's sickness in spades
used for digging up dirt or simply a grave
distance the prey with drones autonomous
erogenous zones grown from shades of killing a phase
so give me a wave through these pixellated displays of tech
caress mechs blowing kisses of hate
all wisdom is waste. ample channelled in the wrong place
dismantle the guilt in a wicked vision one day
metal bad seeds, depending on an ending ever badly
mortal pushing buttons till life's nothing short of looking
for an end-of-level baddie in every nook and cranny
humanity lost its faculty
pass the controller until it's game over
fatality cheat enabled: assault and batteries


from Sympathetic Detonations, released October 15, 2014
prod. Admiral Nagano




diss1 Glasgow, UK

diss1, aka tom dissonance, uh... makes beats and does the rapping thing. part of the group 30KB.

get at me: tom.dissonance AT

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